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Maggie was bred to Chief On Oct 2, 2019.

One puppy born  Dec 10, 2019

Dame--Maggie--Montana's Red Maserati


Maggie is a puppy from our very first litter with Dixie and Butch. She is quick and responsive just like a real Maserati. She has been known to sneak up and catch a duck in the farming ditches around our home. She retrieves the duck to us with gentle care and releases her find with a proud look of accomplishment. She seems to have a strong motherly instinct as she watched and cared for Dixie's puppies. Maggie is Half English Lab and Half American. 

AKC SR97611910

Birth Date: 1/13/2017



Maggie's Pedigree

Sire--Dutch Acres Chief

Picasa - 20150420_165408.jpg

Chief is a family favorite! He is playful and adorably kind. He is Dixie's great helpmate with little puppies. His sturdy build and blocky head tend to make visitors fall in love with him on the spot. Chief is an English Lab with champion bloodlines.

AKC SR83148302

Birth Date: 6/17/2014

Photo Courtesy of

Mark Johnson, Alpine Photography

Chief"s Pedigree


Maggie & Chief December Litter

    1st Pick Male--Jeremy Rubbelke

Lone Ranger

Lone ranger.JPG
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