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We love our baby, River,

so very much!

Thank You, Montana Fox Red Labs!!!


Evan & Eliza Hill, Montana

A Remi Update at One Year

Remi is the most incredible dog I have ever owned. I grew up helping my parents train and breed Labradors. I got to raise and experience incredible dogs-but Remi takes the cake.

She is everything our family ever hoped for. Remi is exceptional with our now 8 month old son. She has been exceptional with him since the day we brought him home. I have watched her lovingly lay by him every day, attempt to lick him when he cries, and sit in front of him when strangers come into the house. 

Not only is she perfect at home, but she is a natural hunter. We gave her the basic hunting lessons, but this dog retrieved more birds this past winter than we could count. It's like she went out and knew exactly what was expected of her. 

We are so proud to own such a beautiful, clever, and gentle dog. She has been my greatest companion through my first pregnancy, my husband's constant time away due to him being in the Army, and now my second pregnancy. Thank you for blessing us with our missing piece.







-Victoria                                                                     Remi

Victoria Brunswick, Washington

Remi absolutely loves the water. She takes herself for swims and occasionally swims after the ducks in our pond.
She's never once refused to pick up a bird wing and retrieves straight to hand, every time. I wish I could say it's because I'm skilled in training but it's honestly just her instinct. We're excited to get her hunting.
She's a ball of energy and is great fun outside, but is the "lay at your feet" dog the moment she comes inside. I couldn't be happier with her.
My only complaint is that I can't clone her!
We'll definitely be coming back for a puppy in the future.



Victoria Brunswick, Washington

The Walhof's have been great to work with. They welcomed us into their home and let us take all the time we needed to pick out our puppy. Our dog is now 6 months old and he has exceeded our expectations. He was very easy to train and his calm demeanor is exactly what we were looking for. He is very comfortable around little kids and doesn't mind when they are climbing all over him or pulling on his ears. My wife and I would highly recommend Montana Fox Red Labs for anybody looking for a great family dog! 

                                                                                                                                Chief (Junior)

Benjamin Nearpass, Montana


We are a family of Labrador Retriever lovers! I was looking for a puppy for my husband to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary. Our oldest lab was 14 and wasn’t in the best of health. I came across the Montana Red Fox Labradors website. I was so impressed with how beautiful the dogs looked. I emailed to inquire about puppies and found out that Dixie was expecting a litter on August 10th, the day before our anniversary. The puppies were born on August 5th. I had to keep the secret for 8 weeks, yikes. Jeanette and I spoke several times and she shared pictures with me with updates on how the puppies were doing. I new exactly what I was looking for and our little girl Coach was the littlest girl of the litter. My husband was

so surprised when I brought her home. She is one of the smartest labradors we have ever had. Her color is beautiful and her personality is the best. More than one time we’ve had people ask if they can take her picture. These puppies are raised by a wonderful family and given lots of love. I would really recommend Montana Red Fox Labradors to all my friends or anyone wanting a loving family pet. They are the best.


Bob & Linda Hermes

Missoula, Montana


Montana Fox Red Labs is by far one of the best breeders I have had the enjoyment of purchasing a puppy through. My Family is an animal family, and we have had many a dog. Our breeds have ranged from St. Bernards, to mutts, to Border Collies, to Labrador Retrievers; but our Red Lab, Lulu, from Montana Fox Red Labs is one of the best dogs we have had the good fortune of bringing into our family. Our Lulu has a quiet disposition and has been beyond simple to train. She is observant and literally studies all that we and our other dogs show her. She is a truly intelligent, loving and kind dog. When Jeanette, Montana Fox Red Lab's breeder, said they bred for disposition, I was suspect; but our puppy is proof. 

On the business end, Jeanette has been amazing to communicate with. When we has some concerns regarding a potential health issue, Jeanette was instantly at the other end of the phone to talk with us and offer support to us, no questions asked. Fortunately, all is well, and the health concern ended up being nothing, but knowing Jeanette was available, honest, and supportive reassured me and my family immensely.  I would return to Montana Fox Red Labs for another dog, no questions asked. Their experience and professionalism far surpasses any breeder I have worked with in the past.



Whitefish, Montana


We welcome a new family member five months ago, Sam our new daughter. Just weeks after that my mother-in-law surprised us/me with Hatch! (Aka The Red Dog) I thought to myself, "What did I ever do to her!" I couldn't be more pleased, Hatch is a wonderful addition to our family. He is full of juice most of the time and is great with the kids. He and our German Shepard, Tana are best of friends.

Having lost Tucker my 12 year old Red Lab a few months ago, Hatch makes me happy having a red dog back in the family.

I would recommend Montana Fox Red Labs to anyone. As a dog trainer for 10 years, these folks really know what they are doing. 


Eric & Shilo

Hamilton, Montana


This is Ruby, she is so sweet, funny and has a lot of sass! ;)


Jeremy & Nikki Leep, Montana

He has a great personality and is a cuddler! Loves to go for car rides and just all and all a great joy to have our little Walter!


Kristina Ramerize, California

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The best experience I’ve ever had, Jeanette truly made it feel like I was receiving a gift from a long time friend. Prior to Dixie’s litter, I was able to meet the dogs of Montana Fox Red Labs and fell in love with all of them. The updates on our puppies’ litter made us feel like a part of the process the whole way, especially when meeting to pick up our little girl. We’ve had a number of friends ask about where we got our puppy and I have nothing but fabulous thing to say about MFRL. We are so thankful and appreciative for finding a family like this to receive such a special puppy from. Thank you!!


Emily Hook,  California

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